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         Plaster Belly


Belly cast


What you need: 


plaster bandages (about eight to twelve pieces), 


dish with water, 


white paint, 

clear coat



You'll need a second person who makes the plaster cast. 

To make a cast of the belly, the belly needs to be quite round, so it is good to make the cast at a late point of time of the pregnancy. Cut the plaster bandages into small stripes. Depending on the size of the belly and the length of the bandages, you'll need about eight to twelve rolls.

Apply a thick coating of cream onto the belly so that you can remove the plaster easily later. Mind areas with a lot of hair. You can also cover these parts with cleansing tissue. It hurts if hair gets caught in plaster. Before you actually start, choose a good position for the cast. If the person has to stand the whole time, it might be a bit tiring, so maybe choose a half-sitting position.
Dip the plaster stripes into water and apply them onto belly and breast. Only work on the surface. E.g. if you want to cover the whole breast with plaster (that means the part below the breast as well), removing the cast later might be a problem. For the same reason, do not apply stripes too far towards the back.

Spread the plaster evenly.

Apply about three to four layers of plaster.
You can either create a corsage cast (breast and belly), or you create a t-shirt-shape and add sleeves to the cast.


When the plaster has begun to dry, you can carefully remove it. 

Let the cast dry for some days. Cut the edges to shape or sand them. 

Then undercoat the cast with white paint. Now you can leave the plaster belly like that or paint it further.





Even if you leave the plaster belly like that, you should apply a layer of clear coat so that no water can get into the plaster. 

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