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        Craft sticks




Craft stick lantern



What you need: 


craft sticks, 

wood glue, 

transparent paper 

(e.g. coloured cellophane or parchment/ greaseproof/wax paper), 


wire for hanging


Glue two craft sticks to each other so that you get one long stick.

You need eight of these long sticks.
Take two long sticks and two short sticks 

and glue them together in a rectangle. 

Make four of these rectangles.

Glue two sticks together along their long sides in a right angle. 

You will need this as a "glue helper" when you stick the rectangles together. 

Make four of these as well.

Put two sticks parallel to each other.

Glue a third stick to the two lower ends of the sticks.

Now apply more sticks next to that...

...until the two parallel sticks are completely covered with sticks.

This part will become the bottom of the lantern. 
Stick the rectangles together in a right angle...


... with the help of the "glue helpers".

Afterwards glue the bottom into the lantern.

Finally, cut pieces for the windows of the lantern out of transparent paper.

Apply the paper to the lantern with glue.

Apply a piece of wire for hanging, too.

by kikisweb