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Clothesspin lantern 


What you need: 


wooden clothes pegs/pins, 

wood glue, 

transparent paper 

(e.g. coloured cellophane or parchment / greaseproof / wax paper), 

wire or lantern holder, 

lantern stick


Separate the clothes pegs.
Glue the pegs together with their tops. Always two at a time.

Put several of these pairs into the form of a circle and glue them together.

You need two of these circles.

Glue the pegs together along their lower edges. 

Always two at a time.

You need eighteen of these small sticks.
Put the sticks in between the two circles. Apply glue to the tops of the clothes pegs and put them into the spaces in the circle.

Thus, the circle will be nearly closed. But you'll need to leave an opening on one side for installing the lantern stick.


That's the lantern blank.

Glue transparent paper in the colour of your choice into the lantern.

Apply a piece of wire to one side of the lantern for hanging.
You can also use a lantern holder or string. 


And you can paint or varnish the lantern, too. 


by kikisweb