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       Papier mache





Balloon lantern


What you need: 


Big balloon, 

Transparent paper (e.g. coloured cellophane or parchment/greaseproof/wax paper)

Wallpaper paste

Blow up the balloon.
Mix the paste powder with water. You need half a tablespoon of paste powder for half a litre of water.

Cut the cellophane paper into snippets.
Dip the snippets into the paste and stick them onto the balloon. 

As you want to get light into the lantern later, 

leave the balloon free of snippets around the knot.

Apply several layers of cellophane paper.

To get a neat and solid rim (e.g. for fastening a piece of wire for hanging later), you can stick some snippets of solid paper to the balloon around the opening.

Let paper and paste dry for some days. 

The paste needs to be completely hard.

Prick a small hole into the balloon next to the knot and let the air slowly come out of the balloon. Donít worry if the lantern contracts. 


You can easily beat out dents later.

To pull through a piece of wire or string for hanging, prick two holes in the rim at opposite sides.

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