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Warping the loom




What you need: 


beginner's weaving loom, 

warp thread


A weaving loom for beginners consists of the frame, on which there are notches on the upper and lower edge. Then there is a part in the middle with notches as well. This is used for creating the sheds through which the shuttle is passed. 

There should be one or two shuttles included. Often there is a comb too.
The wool is wound around the shuttle. 

With the comb you press the wool close together.
Before you start weaving, you must warp the loom. Using wool as warp thread is not the best choice because wool has a slightly rough surface and does not slide easily in the notches.



Tie the warp thread to the left lower corner of the loom. 

Insert the warp thread into the first notch of the lower edge of the frame. Pull the thread to the upper edge and insert it into the first notch of the upper edge. Warp the thread around the tab on the back of the frame and pull the thread through the second notch to the front again. Then put the thread to the lower edge again.
Repeat this procedure until the whole loom is strung with thread.
Of course you can start warping the loom in another corner as well.

Now you must warp the loom a second time. 

Either you string the thread all the way back again, or you cut off the thread and start again at the beginning. 

Anyway, there need to be two warp threads in each notch.
Do not string the thread too tight because now you have to insert the middle part. Pass it into the loom from the side. If the thread is too tight, loosen it a bit, insert the middle part, and tighten the thread afterwards again. Of course you can also insert the middle part before you start warping.

Distribute the warp threads on the middle part. 

You can see that the notches of the middle part are not all the same. Insert the warp threads evenly into the notches.


When you
weave, the middle part is turned up and down. 

Thus, an opening (shed) is created through which you can easily pass the shuttle.
Now your loom is warped. It might be that some of the threads are too loose. Often there is a device at the top or bottom of the loom with which you can tighten the warp threads. 



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