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          Napkin  decoupage




Wind chime



What you need: 


cardboard tube from toilet roll, 

napkin with motif, 

glue for napkin technique, 




six small bar chimes


Choose a napkin with a motif that is as high as the cardboard tube. 

When you put the napkin around the cardboard tube, 

the motif should cover the whole tube.

Cut the motif out of the napkin. Separate the layers of the napkin. 

You only need the uppermost layer of the napkin on which the motif is printed.

Apply glue for napkin technique to the tube. 

Put the motif on the tube and carefully brush the glue until tube 

and napkin are completely covered with glue.
Let the tube dry.

As an alternative, you can simply paint the tube or glue other objects onto it.
Make six holes into the lower rim of the tube. 

Try to make the gaps between the holes regular.

Pull a thread through each bar chime.

Tie each bar chime to the tube.

Make three holes into the upper rim of the tube at a regular distance as well.
Pull three pieces of thread through the holes and tie them together for hanging.


by kikisweb