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Silhouette lantern



What you need: 


black cardstock, 

white transparent paper 

(e.g. cellophane or parchment / greaseproof / wax paper), 


sticky tape,


electric lantern stick


Divide two sheets of black cardstock (about 13 x 9 in each) in half.

Draw a silhouette onto each piece of cardstock 

(e.g. stars, tree, clouds, moon, etc.). Cut the silhouette out.

Glue white transparent paper to the cardstock sheets.

Glue the four parts together with sticky tape. 

The side with the transparent paper is on the inside.

Cut out a piece of cardstock (about 6.5 x 6.5 in) to use as bottom.

Stick it to the other parts.

Make two small holes into the lantern at the top on opposite sides. 

Pull a piece of wire through the holes for hanging.

Hang the lantern onto an electric lantern stick.


by kikisweb