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Plastic brick lantern



What you need: 


small plastic bricks, 

transparent base plate (about 5 x 5 in), 


transparent adhesive tape, 

electric lantern stick


There should be 16 x 16 pegs on the base plate.
For the following example, we used the following bricks:

4 bricks 1x1 (white)
4 bricks 1x1 (blue)
4 bricks 1x3 (blue)
16 bricks 1x2 (blue)
18 bricks 1x2 (white)
10 bricks 1x4 (blue)
16 bricks 1x4 (white)
16 bricks 1x6 (blue)
14 bricks 1x6 (white)
12 bricks 1x8 (blue)
12 bricks 1x8 (white)

Start at one side of the plate with two white bricks (1x8).

Apply two more white bricks (1x8) on the opposite side, too.

For the other two edges use blue bricks, two 1x6 bricks and one 1x2 brick each.

Apply two blue 1x8 bricks onto each blue row. Then put two blue 1x1 bricks on top. Between the two bricks there are four pegs empty.
Apply two white 1x1 bricks onto each white row as well.

First apply two white 1x8 bricks to each white row, 

then two blue 1x8 bricks to each blue row.

Put one white 1x2 brick into the middle of each white row. 

Then apply two 1x8 bricks again.

Repeat the same pattern on the blue rows.
Then apply two white 1x2 bricks 

onto the white rows leaving two pegs in the middle empty.

Then apply two white 1x6 bricks at the outsides 

and one white 1x4 brick in the middle.

Again, repeat the pattern on the blue rows.

Repeat the pattern twice for both colours.

Tie the two ends of a piece of wire around two white 1x6 bricks. The piece of wire should be a little longer than the base plate. Take wire that is not too thick and fasten it around the middle of the bricks.

Put these two bricks into the middle 

of the white rows surrounded by two white 1x4 bricks each.


Fill up the rows with the remaining bricks.

You may want to wrap transparent adhesive tape around the lantern so that the bricks won't come loose. 
Hang the lantern onto a lantern stick.


Of course, you don't have to build your lantern according to the description above. You can also use other patterns and colours.

Tip: If want to build a large lantern, check the weight occasionally. 

There larger the lantern will be, the heavier it becomes.

by kikisweb