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Paper plate lantern



What you need: 


two paper plates, 

sheet of cardstock (DinA4), 



transparent paper 

(e.g. coloured cellophane or parchment / greaseproof / wax paper), 




optionally felt pens


Cut the inner circle out of the paper plate.


Glue transparent paper onto the outer circles. 

Check that you glue the transparent either 

to the front or to the back of both plates.

The side with the transparent paper is on the inside of the lantern.
Divide the sheet of cardstock in half along its long side.

Fold the long edges up (about 0.5 to 1 in).

Cut into the edges several times so that the stripe can be bended without producing too many creases.


Glue the stripe between the two paper plates. 

Depending on how you glued the transparent paper to the plates, 

the rims will either show to the inside...


... or to the outside.

Make two small holes into the rims at one side.

Pull a piece of wire through the holes for hanging.

Apply a lantern stick to the lantern.


If you like, you can also paint the paper plates.


Use an electric lantern stick for this type of lantern.


by kikisweb