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Lantern stick



What you need: 


wooden stick or branch, 

electric torch, 


adhesive tape, 

small nail (or other)


Creating a lantern stick is really easy. 

Take a branch you have found outside or buy a wooden stick.
Tie a piece of tearproof string to the stick.

If the string does not hold because the stick is too even, you can also fix it with a small nail, adhesive tape or glue.
Tie the torch to the other end of the string or apply it with adhesive tape.

Choose the size of the torch according to whether or not you want to use it as lantern.

Choose a small torch if you want to use the stick with a lantern.
Of course you don't need the torch if you operate the lantern with a candle.
You can tie the lantern to the stick with string or drive a nail into the stick and hang the lantern onto it.

by kikisweb