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Football lantern



What you need: 


three sheets of white corrugated paper


pattern "football patches"


sticky tape


white cellophane or parchment / greaseproof / wax paper



Draw a circle onto one sheet of paper with the help of a compass.

Draw another circle that is about 1 in larger around the first one.
Cut out the circle. Then cut out the inner circle, too. 

Now you have got a circle frame.
Make another one using the second sheet of paper.

Stick white parchment to the flat side of the circle frames.
Print out the football patches pattern three times.

Stick six patches to each circle on the outside. 

Apply one patch in the middle and distribute the other five along the edge.

Cut a stripe off the third sheet of paper 

(at right angles to the corrugated pattern).
Fold up the long edges.

This works best if you score the surface with blunt scissors first.

Cut into the small stripes several times.

Cut off every second of these flaps. The flaps are used for gluing the stripe to the circles. Now you can bend the stripe without producing too many creases.

Stick the stripe to the first circle with glue or sticky tape.

Apply the second circle to the other side of the stripe.

Make two small holes into the rim of the circles at the top. Pull a piece of wire through the holes for hanging.


by kikisweb