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Chinese lantern



What you need: 


empty cheese box (about 5 in diameter), 

cardstock (about 16 x 16 in), 



Fold the sheet of cardstock in half.


Now cut the beams into the cardstock with a knife.
Begin to cut into the cardstock at the fold. Cut parallel stripes that end about 0.5 to 1 in before the edge. The stripes should be about 0.5 in broad. Leave a margin of 0.5 to 1 in at the sides, too.

Fold the open edges to the outside.

Take one half of the cheese box. Glue one 

of the open edges around the cheese box.

Glue the first and the last stripe together so that the cheese box is completely covered and the upper rim is closed, too.
Arrange the beams so that the lantern looks nice. 

It may be that you have to bend the folds again.

Make two small holes into the upper rim of the lantern on opposite sides. 

Pull a piece of string or wire through the holes for hanging.

by kikisweb