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What you need: 


wooden clothes pegs/pins, 

wood glue


Separate the clothes pegs in half.

Glue eight clothes pegs next to each other. The tops show to the left and the right alternately. The flat side of the clothes pegs shows up.

Working in the same way, 

glue four pieces together that consist of three clothes pegs each.

Glue the pieces onto the larger plate as sides. 

Do not apply the small parts to the sides of the larger plate, but on top.

That is the body of the box.
For the top, make another plate of eight clothes pegs 

and two plates of two clothes pegs each.

Glue the two small plates to the sides of the larger one at a right angle.


Glue two clothes pegs together along their flat sides.

Apply this piece to the top of the box.

Put the top onto the box. That's it!

If you like, you can paint or varnish the box, too.


by kikisweb