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        Cardboard tubes




Cardboard tubes lantern



What you need: 


seven paper tubes (from kitchen roll), 





transparent paper (e.g. coloured cellophane or parchment/greaseproof/wax paper), 


scissors/craft knife


Open the paper tubes by cutting along the long side.


Put two tubes next to each other 

so that you can staple them together along one edge.


Apply the other tubes in the same way. 

Staple the edges of the first and the last tube together. 

Now the figure is closed in itself.

Cut windows into all tubes.

Paint the lantern in the colour of your choice. Let the paint dry.

Cut as many pieces as the lantern has windows out of transparent paper. 

Glue the transparent paper to the windows from within the lantern.

Make two holes into the upper rim of the lantern on two opposite sides. 

Pull a piece of wire or thread through the holes for hanging.

You can use the lantern with a battery-operated lantern stick. 

If you want your lantern to be closed at the bottom, put the lantern on a piece of cardboard and draw along the outline with a pen. Cut out the outline and apply it to the lantern with glue. You may want to use further strips of cardboard to help you get the bottom glued to the lantern.


by kikisweb