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Leaves lantern



What you need: 


laminating machine, 

laminating film in A4, 

dried leaves, 

greaseproof paper, 




Cut out a piece of greaseproof paper that fits into the laminating film. 

Insert the greaseproof paper into the laminating film. 

You can also use transparent paper 

(e.g. coloured cellophane or parchment / wax paper). 

Place some leaves on the greaseproof paper, too.

Laminate the sheet.

Make a second sheet in the same way.
Place the two sheets on top of each other. Staple the two sheets together along their short sides. You can also glue them together or tie them together (making holes along the sides first).

Measure the diameter of the tube. 

Draw a circle with the same diameter onto a piece of cardstock. 

Draw a second circle that is a little larger around the first one. 

Cut out the circle along the outer line.

Cut several times into the circle up to the inner line. 

Fold the small parts up.

Insert the circle into the tube so that the folded parts meet the rim of the tube. Staple the parts and the tube together.

Make two small holes into the upper rim of the lantern on opposite sides. 

Pull a piece of string or wire through the holes for hanging.


by kikisweb